Monday, March 19, 2012

Kno / Death Is Silent (2010)

Today, I feel like I need something relaxing, but sad. Some music that makes you think, about everything. You know, that sounds that makes you contemplate the universe.

Maybe instrumental music would be better served that purpose, but this album is really what I wanted.

Kno is an american rapper from CunninLynguists, and released this solo album in 2010.

If I can remember well, it tells a story. A story about a girl. A sad story. But it doesn't only tells this story.
You can feel it.

Thanks to the rap, because Kno (and all the ones featured on this album, people such as Tonedeff and Kno's mates Deacon and Natti) really succeed in transmit the rights emotions.

Thanks to the productions, because they're just perfect, mixing in the best manner touching acoustic guitar sounds and electronic parts, giving the right bounce that every hip hop track need, but also the sentiment that only an instrumentally-played song can give.

Thanks to your ears, if you take a little of your time and listen to this masterpiece.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Danger Mouse & Jemini / Ghetto Pop Life (2003)

Please, you really have to be careful.

This is not a simple album, this is not simply good. This is a masterpiece.

It means that, in the incredibly large sea of hip hop, this, togheter with others, stands over. A LOT over.

You probably know Danger Mouse. If you don't, you probably don't have ears. From Gorillaz, to Gnars Barkley, to MF DOOM, he simply makes GREAT productions. No, really, they are GREAT. And the ones on this disc are really impossible to describe. Perfect.

Jemini the Gifted One is Brooklyn rapper, mostly known for this work. Well, this is sad, because he raps very well, and he writes great lyrics, I think better than a lot of more famous names out there.

So please, take it. Listen to these perfect productions and to these really interesting lyrics, often also politically-oriented (the Bush boy is coming :D ).

I won't say anything more. Please, listen.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Dead Pirates / Malevolent Melody EP (2010)

Sometimes, you need to go back.

Nowadays, you can have all kind of synths, sample movies or songs more than easily, you can pull out whatever type of sounds out a computer.

But, sometimes, you need to go back. You want to go back.

Sometimes, you only need "5 members,greg on drums, pat's got a bass, two brothers on guitars and elliott plays the rhodes.

Sometimes, you just need some fucking energetic old-school (but NOT trivial) rock 'n' fuckin' roll inside your eardrum.

Sometimes, you don't have to say or write too much about a great think.

Sometimes, yyou only have to check their great videoclip, with his unique and great style.

And, sometimes, you only have to listen.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I'm back. Sorry for all this time passed with nothing. I was listening. Maybe I have to change the title of the blog. "Every day" isn't true. Sorry :D

At least, in these days I've found new and new-old thing to post.

One of the new-new things is this album.

I wasn't so sure to post this, because, after a first listen, it generated anxiety in me. A lot of it. So, I was ready to erase it from my pc, when I listened to it for the second time.

You may say "why you downloaded it if, after a first web-listening, you didn't like it? Only for being more a music pirate?". Well, no. I've done it because I tought the idea was great.

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN are a collective, so lots of people, trying to mix oriental sounds with rock, metal and a lot of "western" sounds, using instruments and electronics.

Well, this is interesting.

Then came the second listening. The dreamy atmospheres of these sounds from the east (mainly coming from the voice), that I found annoying after a while, get back on the earth with distorted guitars and drums like we use to play it in the west. THANK YOU.

Oh, also the cover is GREAT.

Believe me, this is interesting. Make your move.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spaces / Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void (2011)

I thinked about them sometime before decide to make this post. Then, I decided I like them enough.

I must admit it, I love sci-fi books settled in space. I mean, the intelligent one, like Asimov's Foundation etc.

So, when I saw Spaces, I was very curious. I was asking myself if, while listening to this music and closing my eyes, I would be able to imagine the open space, like I would when I read these books.

Well, it works.

They say they try to play post rock without "the bombast and crescendo". Surely, there's something particular in this album. Electronic quantity is well equilibrated, and it alternates with guitars that goes from Latin music like bend notes, toghether with brass instruments, to powerful old-school ovedriven wah sounds, then coming back to oneiric arpeggiated riffs.

And, if you want, in this sounds, you can find the space. From scenes on green, nature dominated planets, to descents into the darkests voids, totally alone, screaming with no voice coming out from your mouth.

Or maybe I just take heavy drugs. But you but you can not know whether this is true or not. So there's only one way you can discover if what I wrote about this album is true.



Friday, March 2, 2012

Youngblood Brass Band / Center:Level:Roar (2003)

I'm back. Sorry, but there are some weeks when you really ask yourself why days have only 24 hours.

Well, let's talk about music and dance about architecture.

We all think that brass instruments are great. I have to admit that they have an energy that strings instruments haven't. Therefore, brass bands are also great. But isn't always like this. Maybe we associate brass band to national celebrations, old songs played every time in the same way, and things like this(well, I don't know if it's really like this that the most of the people sees brass bands, but I have to write something so please forgive me).

Wouldn't be very GREAT a brass band playing new, modern, groovy songs?

The god of brass had listen to your wishes.

The answer is Youngblood Brass Band. And is a very loud answer.

You have what you wished: new, ultra-groovy songs, with brass instruments! Really, is impossible not to MOVE, MOVE, MOVE and get ultra-excited while listening to their freaky drummer(that we can also hear on the precedently posted Cougar's record). Believe me. Oh, and maybe you would like some rapping, some INTELLIGENT rapping, over this music. Well, is all inside this album.

Just. Listen.

And support these guys, that are also active in schools for spreading love for music.