Saturday, February 25, 2012

Various Artists / Jet Set Radio OST (2000)

Another thing I'm really getting into are soundtracks.

I started listening more watching films, because you can find some really great music inside them. But movies are not the only source for soundtracks.

You know, japanese people, together with other billions things, are very good in making videogames. Well, they are equally good in making videogames soundtracks.

I think this is one of the best examples.

The game is just FANTASTIC: settled in the future, you are part of a crew of writers that use magnetic rollerblades that can grind on EVERYTHING for move themselves. In this cel-shading world, you have to do mainly two things: GRAFFITI and escape from police.

Now, what's the best music for getting away from these policemen? Surely are GREAT HYPER ELECTRONIC JAP-FUNKY BOUNCY BEATS. No alternatives. Really, there's nothing better, try if you can.

Well, inside you can find also some rock tracks, probably from the NTSC version. But the real concept is the one explained above.

WARNING: you may really enjoy yourself A LOT listening to this music. Pay attention if you want to remain sad.

A little preview for you

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Invalids / Eunoia (2012)

Pay attention, because this will be seriously good for your ears.

Music is probably the greatest thing ever.

Not comparable in the same terms, but also great, is Internet. For a lot of reasons. One is creating A LOT of possibilities regarding music. You can easily spread yours around the world, or listen other's. But also you can make music that you probably wouldn't have ever done. For example, with a person that you wouldn't have ever known.

Guitarist, songwriter, singer and drum programmer lives in Oregon. Bassist lives in Pennsylvania. The first sends his music to the second. The second rearrange the previously VST-made bass part, then send them back. The first likes it a lot. Together called themselves the Invalids, and this album is a BOMB.

Freaky-fast guitar parts followed by unstoppable drums, the bass fills up. Then everything change, all goes slow... then explode again in that freak way. Over this, very melodic vocals, with lyrics availables on their site. Everything together sounds to me like a sort of Blink182 on cocaine. And if you want to know, I think Blink182 on cocaine just sound GREAT.

But please, stop reading my mind trips.


PS: the download is shitty 128 kbps, if you want good quality music, buy it. It's only 8 $ ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Self Scientific / Trials Of The Blackhearted EP (2011)

I can see a lack of Hip Hop on my blog recently. This is bad.

Here's the medicine.

Directly from their site, "Self Scientific is DJ Khalil & Chace Infinite.". But in here you can find more names togheter with theirs. And name such as Talib Kweli and The Game are not small names.

Dj Khalil productions are very modern, and while mantaining the right bounce and rhythm, that make a great rapping possible, they also delivers very modern and particular sounds, spacing from acoustic-like beats to others fully electronic, but never exaggerated and annoying like the latest trends seems to want...

Oh, it is free.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Geographer / Animal Shapes EP (2010)

Still posting old things. But still having not so much time. Fuck.

Once I wouldn't have never listened to music like this. Maybe my ears are widening their range. Maybe their tastes are getting softer and in 3 years time I will find myself listening to Rihanna all time. Who knows.

Ok, no, I don't think it will happen. I just appreciate good melodic structures. And this EP is full of them.

Geographer comes from San Francisco. They don't have a bass player, but they sounds good anyway.

Their music is a very melodic indie, with songs filled with very nice vocals and synths all around, sometimes making you think they come out from a 16 bit videogame. But, alternating between happier and "striggle" tracks, everything here sounds just great.

Just great.

Don't forget to follow their site; on the 28 of this month they will drop their new album. And by signing up in the mailing list you can download one of their new songs, "Kaleidoscope".

Just great.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cougar / Patriot (2009)

In this period is hard to post something, because of the short time I have, but I won't give up ;).

Cougar is a american post rock band. Well, from my point of view, they're not exactly post rock. At least, my ears wouldn't accept this as post rock. I feel them mostly rock, with the right quantity of post. I don't know why, but thats what I feel like.

Apart from my deliriums, their instrumental music focus on their instruments, using few electronic sounds. Maybe is that use of modern distorted guitar and solid, groovy rhythms that make me feel them more "rock" than "post".

Well, for today I wrote enough incomprensible things. But trust me; listen to them.

PS: I love their drummer style; he plays also in another great band, that I will surely post in the future ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Papir / Stundum (2011)

I'm a bass player.

And one of the thing I like to do most are jam sessions. Yeah, making songs is fantastic, you can put your feelings and ideas into them. But jams are different. You don't put feelings into them; they automatically come out from you, and enter your music. You can travel into yourself, making music, and you can go everywhere you want, just play the note you feel like, at the moment you feel like.

Papir is a band from Copenhagen. A so called "power trio": drums, bass, guitar. Their approach is simple, like "the ones you see playing are the ones you will hear". No computer programmings, overdubs.

They define themselves "semi-improvisational psychedelic rock".

And this album is a huge and powerful jam session.

Today, in 2012, with computer that can make even the poorer and incapable popstar able to sing and have behind so much sounds that you can believe that a single machine can do this, this band made an album made only of the three fucking pillars of rock, without adding shit or studying songs to make them sell better.

Thank you. We NEEDED an album like this.

Put your earphones on. Start listen. Travel.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Piglet / Lava Land EP (2005)

When I have less time to post, I have to go back in my music library, searching for something good to share.

This is not the case. Because this is not good; this is FANTASTIC.

Piglet are an american post/math rock band, with only this EP published. Sadly.
Only six songs, a perfect mix of great technique and musical taste; fast arpeggios, syncopated rhythms and sometimes dissonant sounds, but everything in place. Another way of saying that you can do post rock in your own original way, without necessarily having to make slow and boring 12 minutes long songs.

Please, listen to the song "Little bubble, where are you going?" with a lot of attention. Close your eyes. I know you can see that bubble going up and down, now she's slowly climbing the air and then fall, in a heartbeat.

This is what music should be. Music.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beef Wellington / Feel Fantabulous (2002)

Prepare for a mystical travel in time today. We go back to 2002 for discovering this album.

Beef Wellington is a producer, and I can't find more infos on him. But all you need to know is in his work.

This album is a perfetc mixture of jazz, soul and bouncy funk sound and rhythm, united toghether in very modern and original ways, seasoned with great rapped parts by various artists. You can't find a single wrong beat in here, and I'm sure you will appreciate this album even if you don't like rap, because this CD is much more than classic hip hop.

Really, you WANT listen to this album.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sick Tamburo / A.I.U.T.O. (2011)

And today, something italian.

Sick Tamburo is a band born from what remained of another italian band, very popular in the '90s during the punk-rock period, the Prozac +. This is their second album. And is great.

Only two musician. Heavy and compact distorted guitar making simple but powerful riffs. A very "acid" female voice. Everything is simple, often repetitive, something like a message of propaganda someone is trying to get into your head. Because, from my point of view, this disc IS a message.

There aren't too much ingredients, but the few you have works great togheter. Also, I can't forget to mention the lyrics, all in italian, but great,something talking about the simplest things of life but in a very deep way, some other times talking about bigger arguments, but always very "conscious"(the punk heritage more band should have nowadays). If you can, try to get them translated in your language.

I'm tired, and I'm getting hard to talk about this album as it deserves, but trust me, this is great music. Very rare nowadays, specially in Italy.