Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doomtree / Wugazi (Mashup, 2011)

And now something not so new, but today I'm tired and searching for working links is getting harder every day(fucking copyright. You don't have money? Well, you can't increase your knowledge. Because music,but also books, films ecc. ,is knowledge, and discs want money. I want to listen before, THEN, if I respect your work, I'll be very pleased in buying everything has your logo on. But now I stop, I'm too tired for such discussions).

Well, if you like old school boom-bap HARDCORE hip hop, you will surely know the Wu-Tang Clan. I can't describe them. The only word that came up in my mind is HARDCORE. You click Play on your pc on one of their tracks, and a demon with destructive intent take control of your body and your mind as they spit rimes.


Or, you will probably know Fugazi, one of the most influent post-hardcore american bands, created after some of the most important years for american hardcore punk music. I personally prefer post-hardcore sounds: rage, but also great melodies.

Or, you know both of them. Or none.

It doesn't matter. American hip hop collective Doomtree mixed them togheter.

And then?


PS: I made a first try for my logo :D

Monday, January 30, 2012

Foster The People / Torches (2011)

Ok, let's start the week with something relaxing.

Foster The People are an american indie pop-rock band. Well, from what I read they're enough famous in the USA, but I didn't know them before listening to this album.

Usually I don't like indie rock sounds, but this album was made pleasant to listen to. Tracks have good grooves, and enter inside your mind like Orwell's Big Brother. You can't get them out, believe me. Also, you will probably find yourself dancing and singing 5 minutes after listening to the first track.

(Link removed due to DMCA complain, but trust me, this band rocks)

Have fun.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

C2C / Down the Road EP (2012)

And now something really fresh.

Since I heard the first single , "F.U.Y.A.", I started waiting impatiently for this EP. Then, I heard the second single, "Down the Road", and at this point I couldn't really wait no more for the other tracks. Also, I'm into graphic design, and I liked the cover a lot.

Then, finally, the 23/1 the french Djs collective C2C, four times DMC winner and one ITF winner, released their EP.

Sincerely, I am a little disappointed. At first listen, the other track can't reach the level of the two singles. But this two really destroy everything, perfect mixing and cutting, great melodies.

Well, if you like turnablism, you can't miss it, even if only for these two tracks.

Also, check out the interludes pack the collective released for free, and the great "F.U.Y.A." clip. Download and buy link under the video.

Friday, January 27, 2012

27/1. Never forgive.

Today no music.

There's a lot to read today.


Today is the official day dedicated to the memory of The Holocaust. Today is the official day, but every day, even the simplest and trivial, we all have to remember what happened.

Thanks to a project involving schools were I live, I had the opportunity to saw these places, to saw Auschwitz, to saw Birkenau. Even if they are empty, walls, bricks, woods speaks for themselves.

After that experience, all that I have to say is that to see this places should be mandatory, not something to do if you have some spare time in your life.

Soon there will be more direct witnesses of what happened; we HAVE to rembember all we can. Listen to them, see the places.

Because, still in 2012, there is some (non)human shit that wants everything to be repeated. Still there are Nazi and fascist shit, and they are sometimes stronger than we think.

No, they can't come back again. They may also possess the power, have money, but they can't win again, if we all do one thing.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

65Daysofstatic / The Fall Of Math (2004)

For this second day, I choose a classic. At least, I think that this album should be considered as such.

Directly from 2004, this is the first album from the post rock band 65Daysofstatic, that gained more and more (deserved) fame during this years.

Atmospheres are epic, full of energy, giving feelings like "I am alone against all the world, but I'm doing it". Electronic sounds are perfectly dosed and integrated, the rhythmic section is devastating ( I saw them live two times: every time I thought their drummer could pull down the walls of the room).

Rhythms are very often fast but very "compact" and moved, they penetrate inside you, not like these band making 12 minutes songs with some guitar arpeggio and only one bass drum and one hat hit every bar and calling this post rock.

THIS is fucking well done post rock, very original and unique. Not stereotypes.

"This negative energy just makes me stronger; we will not retreat, this band is unstoppable"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jazzscapez / Free Your Mind volumes

Well, let's begin.

This is my first post. First music for all the readers will get here.

Jazzscapez was a very promising hip hop producer and rapper. Like his name says, his instrumental are very jazzy and relaxing, but also very bouncing.

I said WAS because he died not so long ago. For what I read, he runnedin in direction of some policemen with a machete in his hand. They killed it. But I don't know the story very well, and it's not corret to talk when you don't know real facts.

Anyway, his project was to publish one instrumental volume every month. We sadly only have three of it (for previewing before download check Jazzscapez's Bandcamp) :

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Also, check this great selection by "Crates of AG" blog

Rest in peace




I don't know why, but I can find only the Crates Of AG selection...



Here you'll find the "Crates of AG" blog selection, while in other this page, at the bottom, you'll find the download links for all the three volumes of the "Free your mind" beat tapes! Enjoy!