Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Leg Mary / Yes exactly, maybe not. (2012)

So hard to find things that I really want to post because I like them a lot.
But, searching and searching, you always find something. Maybe in Greece, just across the Adriatic sea for who writes.

I don't really know what to write about this band. But I can feel their music very well. Rough and often simple but perfectly fit sounds, that in some passages breaks your listening like a fault in your brain's connections. And that is good. Compact, solid, modern melodies, with a voice that reminds you of someone who is reflecting about himself speaking. And probably  is just like that, because lyrics, in my opinion, shows signs of reflections that surely needs more than ore read to get the message from letters to heart and brain.

So, read.



Oh yes. Another freebie for you and your ears.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Father Figure / Congratulations On Your Loss (2012)

Ok, this one is huge.

During my last research for new music I wasn't finding something that I liked enough to be worth writing about.

Then, click after click, this album came out.

I admit that I've never listened to a lot of jazz. My fault, but after a while it gets me bored. And it's a shame, because, rhythms and sounds are great. Instead, I love post/math/nonsense rock.

So, when I first listened to one of these tracks, starting jazzy smooth then going mad with rhyhm like listening to a vinyl while driving on a moon like surface, well, the only thing I could do was listening to the second track. Discovering that basslines were great, and I loved them, deep but very clear and "agile". So I went on another track, but at this point I had already understood that this album is great, and that this time was worth write something.

So, believe me, if it's worth to write about it, it means that is a lot more worth make another thing


PS: this time we also have a clip!

What?? I forgot to say that this GREAT album is also FREE? Well, now I've said it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coast Jumper / Grand Opening (2011)

I started listening to hip hop because I like it.

And lucky me I like it, because I find easier finding good hip hop than good rock, nowadays.
So, when everybody says "hip hop is dead", I think "if it is dead, rock is already decomposed".

Then, like everything, like zombies, things come back.
And you have the Coast Jumper.

Yuo have guitars, you have bass, drums, voice SINGING and not only talking on fucking stupid stereotyped, thin guitar sounds backed by fake bass players that pays more attention at the shoes they're wearing than playing the bass, along with little idiot-march like drums. Oh, and maybe everything amalgamated with random synth sounds.

Yes, I HATE that fucking indie rock going on in these days, but this album, while can be described as indie, is FUCKING WELL DONE. 

The Coast Jumper here are playing because they like it, and you can hear it, you can hear their engagement inside these 10 well assorted tracks, filled with rhytm and melody changes, and with REAL OVERDRIVEN GUITARS.

10 tracks that make you feel something, reflect, excite and then slow down to a more reflective phase again, 10 tracks that you for sure have to



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dirtwire / Dirtwire (2012)

This one is a travel.

Ok, imagine Marco Polo, going to orient and, after that, travel to America with Cristoforo Colombo. Then, they settle here and, after 500 years, they meet all kind of bluesmen and the best producer of boom-bappest hip hop beats.

They hear that this thing work, and they decide to call themselves Dirtwire, and make an album. That's how I see this band.

All kinds of ethnical sounds get moved by very strong, net, drums and percussion, giving them a great groove  that doesn't get your body and ears bored, a well mix of hip hop and african rhytms. Togheter with that, while bass and guitar create a solid base, violin and harmonica brings you from classical sounds to killer blues solos.

Then the travel ends, and all you can do is press again "Play" and


You can get ticket for this travel for free. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chris Randle / The Cat That Got the Milk OST (2011)

The last post I made was about a soundtrack.

Now, the first new post is again a soundrack. You know, continuity.

The Cat That Got the Milk is a freeware game released in 2011, and I discovered it some days ago. It is graphically inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky, so it's just visually stupendous, and I really recommend you to play it. It would take just 10 minutes of your time.

So, back to the music, you could say "what a videogame and a painter would have in common with music?".

Well, for the ones who knows, Kandinsky theorized that graphical elements, such as points, lines and surfaces, has time and rhythm like music, and graphical compositions are like musical ones. (You can find all about this in his book "Point and Line to Plane", that I was accidentally reading when I found this game).

And nothing prevents the happening of the inverse process: music inspired by graphical compositions.

This little album will bring you inside a world of continuous and looped segments, like circles, suddenly stopped by points, while arpeggios of music lines chase themselves.

You just need to close your eyes and


This album is free, and I'll try to post more and more free albums if I can.
I believe in free culture, so, from my little blog, I'll try to push peoples who also believes in it.
Culture is freedom. Paying for culture is like pay a bail after have done nothing. Music is culture.

Back again.


A lot of time passed since the last post. Had some trouble, a lot of work to do for my university. BUT, after all, for who cares and who not, and for me, I'm back.

Changed just the twitter account for the blog. The rest is the same.

Even the target.

To listen.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Les Chats Persans OST / 2009

Back. Is so hard to find new music. So, here's something old. hehe.

Well, you know, I love OSTs. But this isn't a simple OST.

First of all, you must watch this movie, really.

Second, this isn't a simple OST because the movie is about the underground Iranian underground rock scene, so you will actually see in the scenes the real authors of these songs playing them. And they're all great. Going from electro-indie sounds with english lyrics, to persian rap, torugh acoustic songs, this album really covers a very interesting reality.

(I canìt find an international buy link, you must search the best seller for your country)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kno / Death Is Silent (2010)

Today, I feel like I need something relaxing, but sad. Some music that makes you think, about everything. You know, that sounds that makes you contemplate the universe.

Maybe instrumental music would be better served that purpose, but this album is really what I wanted.

Kno is an american rapper from CunninLynguists, and released this solo album in 2010.

If I can remember well, it tells a story. A story about a girl. A sad story. But it doesn't only tells this story.
You can feel it.

Thanks to the rap, because Kno (and all the ones featured on this album, people such as Tonedeff and Kno's mates Deacon and Natti) really succeed in transmit the rights emotions.

Thanks to the productions, because they're just perfect, mixing in the best manner touching acoustic guitar sounds and electronic parts, giving the right bounce that every hip hop track need, but also the sentiment that only an instrumentally-played song can give.

Thanks to your ears, if you take a little of your time and listen to this masterpiece.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Danger Mouse & Jemini / Ghetto Pop Life (2003)

Please, you really have to be careful.

This is not a simple album, this is not simply good. This is a masterpiece.

It means that, in the incredibly large sea of hip hop, this, togheter with others, stands over. A LOT over.

You probably know Danger Mouse. If you don't, you probably don't have ears. From Gorillaz, to Gnars Barkley, to MF DOOM, he simply makes GREAT productions. No, really, they are GREAT. And the ones on this disc are really impossible to describe. Perfect.

Jemini the Gifted One is Brooklyn rapper, mostly known for this work. Well, this is sad, because he raps very well, and he writes great lyrics, I think better than a lot of more famous names out there.

So please, take it. Listen to these perfect productions and to these really interesting lyrics, often also politically-oriented (the Bush boy is coming :D ).

I won't say anything more. Please, listen.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Dead Pirates / Malevolent Melody EP (2010)

Sometimes, you need to go back.

Nowadays, you can have all kind of synths, sample movies or songs more than easily, you can pull out whatever type of sounds out a computer.

But, sometimes, you need to go back. You want to go back.

Sometimes, you only need "5 members,greg on drums, pat's got a bass, two brothers on guitars and elliott plays the rhodes.

Sometimes, you just need some fucking energetic old-school (but NOT trivial) rock 'n' fuckin' roll inside your eardrum.

Sometimes, you don't have to say or write too much about a great think.

Sometimes, yyou only have to check their great videoclip, with his unique and great style.

And, sometimes, you only have to listen.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I'm back. Sorry for all this time passed with nothing. I was listening. Maybe I have to change the title of the blog. "Every day" isn't true. Sorry :D

At least, in these days I've found new and new-old thing to post.

One of the new-new things is this album.

I wasn't so sure to post this, because, after a first listen, it generated anxiety in me. A lot of it. So, I was ready to erase it from my pc, when I listened to it for the second time.

You may say "why you downloaded it if, after a first web-listening, you didn't like it? Only for being more a music pirate?". Well, no. I've done it because I tought the idea was great.

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN are a collective, so lots of people, trying to mix oriental sounds with rock, metal and a lot of "western" sounds, using instruments and electronics.

Well, this is interesting.

Then came the second listening. The dreamy atmospheres of these sounds from the east (mainly coming from the voice), that I found annoying after a while, get back on the earth with distorted guitars and drums like we use to play it in the west. THANK YOU.

Oh, also the cover is GREAT.

Believe me, this is interesting. Make your move.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spaces / Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void (2011)

I thinked about them sometime before decide to make this post. Then, I decided I like them enough.

I must admit it, I love sci-fi books settled in space. I mean, the intelligent one, like Asimov's Foundation etc.

So, when I saw Spaces, I was very curious. I was asking myself if, while listening to this music and closing my eyes, I would be able to imagine the open space, like I would when I read these books.

Well, it works.

They say they try to play post rock without "the bombast and crescendo". Surely, there's something particular in this album. Electronic quantity is well equilibrated, and it alternates with guitars that goes from Latin music like bend notes, toghether with brass instruments, to powerful old-school ovedriven wah sounds, then coming back to oneiric arpeggiated riffs.

And, if you want, in this sounds, you can find the space. From scenes on green, nature dominated planets, to descents into the darkests voids, totally alone, screaming with no voice coming out from your mouth.

Or maybe I just take heavy drugs. But you but you can not know whether this is true or not. So there's only one way you can discover if what I wrote about this album is true.



Friday, March 2, 2012

Youngblood Brass Band / Center:Level:Roar (2003)

I'm back. Sorry, but there are some weeks when you really ask yourself why days have only 24 hours.

Well, let's talk about music and dance about architecture.

We all think that brass instruments are great. I have to admit that they have an energy that strings instruments haven't. Therefore, brass bands are also great. But isn't always like this. Maybe we associate brass band to national celebrations, old songs played every time in the same way, and things like this(well, I don't know if it's really like this that the most of the people sees brass bands, but I have to write something so please forgive me).

Wouldn't be very GREAT a brass band playing new, modern, groovy songs?

The god of brass had listen to your wishes.

The answer is Youngblood Brass Band. And is a very loud answer.

You have what you wished: new, ultra-groovy songs, with brass instruments! Really, is impossible not to MOVE, MOVE, MOVE and get ultra-excited while listening to their freaky drummer(that we can also hear on the precedently posted Cougar's record). Believe me. Oh, and maybe you would like some rapping, some INTELLIGENT rapping, over this music. Well, is all inside this album.

Just. Listen.

And support these guys, that are also active in schools for spreading love for music.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Various Artists / Jet Set Radio OST (2000)

Another thing I'm really getting into are soundtracks.

I started listening more watching films, because you can find some really great music inside them. But movies are not the only source for soundtracks.

You know, japanese people, together with other billions things, are very good in making videogames. Well, they are equally good in making videogames soundtracks.

I think this is one of the best examples.

The game is just FANTASTIC: settled in the future, you are part of a crew of writers that use magnetic rollerblades that can grind on EVERYTHING for move themselves. In this cel-shading world, you have to do mainly two things: GRAFFITI and escape from police.

Now, what's the best music for getting away from these policemen? Surely are GREAT HYPER ELECTRONIC JAP-FUNKY BOUNCY BEATS. No alternatives. Really, there's nothing better, try if you can.

Well, inside you can find also some rock tracks, probably from the NTSC version. But the real concept is the one explained above.

WARNING: you may really enjoy yourself A LOT listening to this music. Pay attention if you want to remain sad.

A little preview for you

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Invalids / Eunoia (2012)

Pay attention, because this will be seriously good for your ears.

Music is probably the greatest thing ever.

Not comparable in the same terms, but also great, is Internet. For a lot of reasons. One is creating A LOT of possibilities regarding music. You can easily spread yours around the world, or listen other's. But also you can make music that you probably wouldn't have ever done. For example, with a person that you wouldn't have ever known.

Guitarist, songwriter, singer and drum programmer lives in Oregon. Bassist lives in Pennsylvania. The first sends his music to the second. The second rearrange the previously VST-made bass part, then send them back. The first likes it a lot. Together called themselves the Invalids, and this album is a BOMB.

Freaky-fast guitar parts followed by unstoppable drums, the bass fills up. Then everything change, all goes slow... then explode again in that freak way. Over this, very melodic vocals, with lyrics availables on their site. Everything together sounds to me like a sort of Blink182 on cocaine. And if you want to know, I think Blink182 on cocaine just sound GREAT.

But please, stop reading my mind trips.


PS: the download is shitty 128 kbps, if you want good quality music, buy it. It's only 8 $ ;)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Self Scientific / Trials Of The Blackhearted EP (2011)

I can see a lack of Hip Hop on my blog recently. This is bad.

Here's the medicine.

Directly from their site, "Self Scientific is DJ Khalil & Chace Infinite.". But in here you can find more names togheter with theirs. And name such as Talib Kweli and The Game are not small names.

Dj Khalil productions are very modern, and while mantaining the right bounce and rhythm, that make a great rapping possible, they also delivers very modern and particular sounds, spacing from acoustic-like beats to others fully electronic, but never exaggerated and annoying like the latest trends seems to want...

Oh, it is free.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Geographer / Animal Shapes EP (2010)

Still posting old things. But still having not so much time. Fuck.

Once I wouldn't have never listened to music like this. Maybe my ears are widening their range. Maybe their tastes are getting softer and in 3 years time I will find myself listening to Rihanna all time. Who knows.

Ok, no, I don't think it will happen. I just appreciate good melodic structures. And this EP is full of them.

Geographer comes from San Francisco. They don't have a bass player, but they sounds good anyway.

Their music is a very melodic indie, with songs filled with very nice vocals and synths all around, sometimes making you think they come out from a 16 bit videogame. But, alternating between happier and "striggle" tracks, everything here sounds just great.

Just great.

Don't forget to follow their site; on the 28 of this month they will drop their new album. And by signing up in the mailing list you can download one of their new songs, "Kaleidoscope".

Just great.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cougar / Patriot (2009)

In this period is hard to post something, because of the short time I have, but I won't give up ;).

Cougar is a american post rock band. Well, from my point of view, they're not exactly post rock. At least, my ears wouldn't accept this as post rock. I feel them mostly rock, with the right quantity of post. I don't know why, but thats what I feel like.

Apart from my deliriums, their instrumental music focus on their instruments, using few electronic sounds. Maybe is that use of modern distorted guitar and solid, groovy rhythms that make me feel them more "rock" than "post".

Well, for today I wrote enough incomprensible things. But trust me; listen to them.

PS: I love their drummer style; he plays also in another great band, that I will surely post in the future ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Papir / Stundum (2011)

I'm a bass player.

And one of the thing I like to do most are jam sessions. Yeah, making songs is fantastic, you can put your feelings and ideas into them. But jams are different. You don't put feelings into them; they automatically come out from you, and enter your music. You can travel into yourself, making music, and you can go everywhere you want, just play the note you feel like, at the moment you feel like.

Papir is a band from Copenhagen. A so called "power trio": drums, bass, guitar. Their approach is simple, like "the ones you see playing are the ones you will hear". No computer programmings, overdubs.

They define themselves "semi-improvisational psychedelic rock".

And this album is a huge and powerful jam session.

Today, in 2012, with computer that can make even the poorer and incapable popstar able to sing and have behind so much sounds that you can believe that a single machine can do this, this band made an album made only of the three fucking pillars of rock, without adding shit or studying songs to make them sell better.

Thank you. We NEEDED an album like this.

Put your earphones on. Start listen. Travel.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Piglet / Lava Land EP (2005)

When I have less time to post, I have to go back in my music library, searching for something good to share.

This is not the case. Because this is not good; this is FANTASTIC.

Piglet are an american post/math rock band, with only this EP published. Sadly.
Only six songs, a perfect mix of great technique and musical taste; fast arpeggios, syncopated rhythms and sometimes dissonant sounds, but everything in place. Another way of saying that you can do post rock in your own original way, without necessarily having to make slow and boring 12 minutes long songs.

Please, listen to the song "Little bubble, where are you going?" with a lot of attention. Close your eyes. I know you can see that bubble going up and down, now she's slowly climbing the air and then fall, in a heartbeat.

This is what music should be. Music.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beef Wellington / Feel Fantabulous (2002)

Prepare for a mystical travel in time today. We go back to 2002 for discovering this album.

Beef Wellington is a producer, and I can't find more infos on him. But all you need to know is in his work.

This album is a perfetc mixture of jazz, soul and bouncy funk sound and rhythm, united toghether in very modern and original ways, seasoned with great rapped parts by various artists. You can't find a single wrong beat in here, and I'm sure you will appreciate this album even if you don't like rap, because this CD is much more than classic hip hop.

Really, you WANT listen to this album.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sick Tamburo / A.I.U.T.O. (2011)

And today, something italian.

Sick Tamburo is a band born from what remained of another italian band, very popular in the '90s during the punk-rock period, the Prozac +. This is their second album. And is great.

Only two musician. Heavy and compact distorted guitar making simple but powerful riffs. A very "acid" female voice. Everything is simple, often repetitive, something like a message of propaganda someone is trying to get into your head. Because, from my point of view, this disc IS a message.

There aren't too much ingredients, but the few you have works great togheter. Also, I can't forget to mention the lyrics, all in italian, but great,something talking about the simplest things of life but in a very deep way, some other times talking about bigger arguments, but always very "conscious"(the punk heritage more band should have nowadays). If you can, try to get them translated in your language.

I'm tired, and I'm getting hard to talk about this album as it deserves, but trust me, this is great music. Very rare nowadays, specially in Italy.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doomtree / Wugazi (Mashup, 2011)

And now something not so new, but today I'm tired and searching for working links is getting harder every day(fucking copyright. You don't have money? Well, you can't increase your knowledge. Because music,but also books, films ecc. ,is knowledge, and discs want money. I want to listen before, THEN, if I respect your work, I'll be very pleased in buying everything has your logo on. But now I stop, I'm too tired for such discussions).

Well, if you like old school boom-bap HARDCORE hip hop, you will surely know the Wu-Tang Clan. I can't describe them. The only word that came up in my mind is HARDCORE. You click Play on your pc on one of their tracks, and a demon with destructive intent take control of your body and your mind as they spit rimes.


Or, you will probably know Fugazi, one of the most influent post-hardcore american bands, created after some of the most important years for american hardcore punk music. I personally prefer post-hardcore sounds: rage, but also great melodies.

Or, you know both of them. Or none.

It doesn't matter. American hip hop collective Doomtree mixed them togheter.

And then?


PS: I made a first try for my logo :D

Monday, January 30, 2012

Foster The People / Torches (2011)

Ok, let's start the week with something relaxing.

Foster The People are an american indie pop-rock band. Well, from what I read they're enough famous in the USA, but I didn't know them before listening to this album.

Usually I don't like indie rock sounds, but this album was made pleasant to listen to. Tracks have good grooves, and enter inside your mind like Orwell's Big Brother. You can't get them out, believe me. Also, you will probably find yourself dancing and singing 5 minutes after listening to the first track.

(Link removed due to DMCA complain, but trust me, this band rocks)

Have fun.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

C2C / Down the Road EP (2012)

And now something really fresh.

Since I heard the first single , "F.U.Y.A.", I started waiting impatiently for this EP. Then, I heard the second single, "Down the Road", and at this point I couldn't really wait no more for the other tracks. Also, I'm into graphic design, and I liked the cover a lot.

Then, finally, the 23/1 the french Djs collective C2C, four times DMC winner and one ITF winner, released their EP.

Sincerely, I am a little disappointed. At first listen, the other track can't reach the level of the two singles. But this two really destroy everything, perfect mixing and cutting, great melodies.

Well, if you like turnablism, you can't miss it, even if only for these two tracks.

Also, check out the interludes pack the collective released for free, and the great "F.U.Y.A." clip. Download and buy link under the video.

Friday, January 27, 2012

27/1. Never forgive.

Today no music.

There's a lot to read today.


Today is the official day dedicated to the memory of The Holocaust. Today is the official day, but every day, even the simplest and trivial, we all have to remember what happened.

Thanks to a project involving schools were I live, I had the opportunity to saw these places, to saw Auschwitz, to saw Birkenau. Even if they are empty, walls, bricks, woods speaks for themselves.

After that experience, all that I have to say is that to see this places should be mandatory, not something to do if you have some spare time in your life.

Soon there will be more direct witnesses of what happened; we HAVE to rembember all we can. Listen to them, see the places.

Because, still in 2012, there is some (non)human shit that wants everything to be repeated. Still there are Nazi and fascist shit, and they are sometimes stronger than we think.

No, they can't come back again. They may also possess the power, have money, but they can't win again, if we all do one thing.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

65Daysofstatic / The Fall Of Math (2004)

For this second day, I choose a classic. At least, I think that this album should be considered as such.

Directly from 2004, this is the first album from the post rock band 65Daysofstatic, that gained more and more (deserved) fame during this years.

Atmospheres are epic, full of energy, giving feelings like "I am alone against all the world, but I'm doing it". Electronic sounds are perfectly dosed and integrated, the rhythmic section is devastating ( I saw them live two times: every time I thought their drummer could pull down the walls of the room).

Rhythms are very often fast but very "compact" and moved, they penetrate inside you, not like these band making 12 minutes songs with some guitar arpeggio and only one bass drum and one hat hit every bar and calling this post rock.

THIS is fucking well done post rock, very original and unique. Not stereotypes.

"This negative energy just makes me stronger; we will not retreat, this band is unstoppable"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jazzscapez / Free Your Mind volumes

Well, let's begin.

This is my first post. First music for all the readers will get here.

Jazzscapez was a very promising hip hop producer and rapper. Like his name says, his instrumental are very jazzy and relaxing, but also very bouncing.

I said WAS because he died not so long ago. For what I read, he runnedin in direction of some policemen with a machete in his hand. They killed it. But I don't know the story very well, and it's not corret to talk when you don't know real facts.

Anyway, his project was to publish one instrumental volume every month. We sadly only have three of it (for previewing before download check Jazzscapez's Bandcamp) :

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Also, check this great selection by "Crates of AG" blog

Rest in peace


I don't know why, but I can find only the Crates Of AG selection...



Here you'll find the "Crates of AG" blog selection, while in other this page, at the bottom, you'll find the download links for all the three volumes of the "Free your mind" beat tapes! Enjoy!