Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Father Figure / Congratulations On Your Loss (2012)

Ok, this one is huge.

During my last research for new music I wasn't finding something that I liked enough to be worth writing about.

Then, click after click, this album came out.

I admit that I've never listened to a lot of jazz. My fault, but after a while it gets me bored. And it's a shame, because, rhythms and sounds are great. Instead, I love post/math/nonsense rock.

So, when I first listened to one of these tracks, starting jazzy smooth then going mad with rhyhm like listening to a vinyl while driving on a moon like surface, well, the only thing I could do was listening to the second track. Discovering that basslines were great, and I loved them, deep but very clear and "agile". So I went on another track, but at this point I had already understood that this album is great, and that this time was worth write something.

So, believe me, if it's worth to write about it, it means that is a lot more worth make another thing


PS: this time we also have a clip!

What?? I forgot to say that this GREAT album is also FREE? Well, now I've said it.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coast Jumper / Grand Opening (2011)

I started listening to hip hop because I like it.

And lucky me I like it, because I find easier finding good hip hop than good rock, nowadays.
So, when everybody says "hip hop is dead", I think "if it is dead, rock is already decomposed".

Then, like everything, like zombies, things come back.
And you have the Coast Jumper.

Yuo have guitars, you have bass, drums, voice SINGING and not only talking on fucking stupid stereotyped, thin guitar sounds backed by fake bass players that pays more attention at the shoes they're wearing than playing the bass, along with little idiot-march like drums. Oh, and maybe everything amalgamated with random synth sounds.

Yes, I HATE that fucking indie rock going on in these days, but this album, while can be described as indie, is FUCKING WELL DONE. 

The Coast Jumper here are playing because they like it, and you can hear it, you can hear their engagement inside these 10 well assorted tracks, filled with rhytm and melody changes, and with REAL OVERDRIVEN GUITARS.

10 tracks that make you feel something, reflect, excite and then slow down to a more reflective phase again, 10 tracks that you for sure have to



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dirtwire / Dirtwire (2012)

This one is a travel.

Ok, imagine Marco Polo, going to orient and, after that, travel to America with Cristoforo Colombo. Then, they settle here and, after 500 years, they meet all kind of bluesmen and the best producer of boom-bappest hip hop beats.

They hear that this thing work, and they decide to call themselves Dirtwire, and make an album. That's how I see this band.

All kinds of ethnical sounds get moved by very strong, net, drums and percussion, giving them a great groove  that doesn't get your body and ears bored, a well mix of hip hop and african rhytms. Togheter with that, while bass and guitar create a solid base, violin and harmonica brings you from classical sounds to killer blues solos.

Then the travel ends, and all you can do is press again "Play" and


You can get ticket for this travel for free. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chris Randle / The Cat That Got the Milk OST (2011)

The last post I made was about a soundtrack.

Now, the first new post is again a soundrack. You know, continuity.

The Cat That Got the Milk is a freeware game released in 2011, and I discovered it some days ago. It is graphically inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky, so it's just visually stupendous, and I really recommend you to play it. It would take just 10 minutes of your time.

So, back to the music, you could say "what a videogame and a painter would have in common with music?".

Well, for the ones who knows, Kandinsky theorized that graphical elements, such as points, lines and surfaces, has time and rhythm like music, and graphical compositions are like musical ones. (You can find all about this in his book "Point and Line to Plane", that I was accidentally reading when I found this game).

And nothing prevents the happening of the inverse process: music inspired by graphical compositions.

This little album will bring you inside a world of continuous and looped segments, like circles, suddenly stopped by points, while arpeggios of music lines chase themselves.

You just need to close your eyes and


This album is free, and I'll try to post more and more free albums if I can.
I believe in free culture, so, from my little blog, I'll try to push peoples who also believes in it.
Culture is freedom. Paying for culture is like pay a bail after have done nothing. Music is culture.

Back again.


A lot of time passed since the last post. Had some trouble, a lot of work to do for my university. BUT, after all, for who cares and who not, and for me, I'm back.

Changed just the twitter account for the blog. The rest is the same.

Even the target.

To listen.