Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coast Jumper / Grand Opening (2011)

I started listening to hip hop because I like it.

And lucky me I like it, because I find easier finding good hip hop than good rock, nowadays.
So, when everybody says "hip hop is dead", I think "if it is dead, rock is already decomposed".

Then, like everything, like zombies, things come back.
And you have the Coast Jumper.

Yuo have guitars, you have bass, drums, voice SINGING and not only talking on fucking stupid stereotyped, thin guitar sounds backed by fake bass players that pays more attention at the shoes they're wearing than playing the bass, along with little idiot-march like drums. Oh, and maybe everything amalgamated with random synth sounds.

Yes, I HATE that fucking indie rock going on in these days, but this album, while can be described as indie, is FUCKING WELL DONE. 

The Coast Jumper here are playing because they like it, and you can hear it, you can hear their engagement inside these 10 well assorted tracks, filled with rhytm and melody changes, and with REAL OVERDRIVEN GUITARS.

10 tracks that make you feel something, reflect, excite and then slow down to a more reflective phase again, 10 tracks that you for sure have to



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