Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Father Figure / Congratulations On Your Loss (2012)

Ok, this one is huge.

During my last research for new music I wasn't finding something that I liked enough to be worth writing about.

Then, click after click, this album came out.

I admit that I've never listened to a lot of jazz. My fault, but after a while it gets me bored. And it's a shame, because, rhythms and sounds are great. Instead, I love post/math/nonsense rock.

So, when I first listened to one of these tracks, starting jazzy smooth then going mad with rhyhm like listening to a vinyl while driving on a moon like surface, well, the only thing I could do was listening to the second track. Discovering that basslines were great, and I loved them, deep but very clear and "agile". So I went on another track, but at this point I had already understood that this album is great, and that this time was worth write something.

So, believe me, if it's worth to write about it, it means that is a lot more worth make another thing


PS: this time we also have a clip!

What?? I forgot to say that this GREAT album is also FREE? Well, now I've said it.

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