Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dirtwire / Dirtwire (2012)

This one is a travel.

Ok, imagine Marco Polo, going to orient and, after that, travel to America with Cristoforo Colombo. Then, they settle here and, after 500 years, they meet all kind of bluesmen and the best producer of boom-bappest hip hop beats.

They hear that this thing work, and they decide to call themselves Dirtwire, and make an album. That's how I see this band.

All kinds of ethnical sounds get moved by very strong, net, drums and percussion, giving them a great groove  that doesn't get your body and ears bored, a well mix of hip hop and african rhytms. Togheter with that, while bass and guitar create a solid base, violin and harmonica brings you from classical sounds to killer blues solos.

Then the travel ends, and all you can do is press again "Play" and


You can get ticket for this travel for free. Enjoy.

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